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No experience needed. Drumming is a very natural activity that anyone can enjoy regardless of their musical experience. African, Latin and Native American hand drums and lots of small percussion instruments are provided. But if you have a favorite instrument please feel free to bring it along.

Some instruction will be provided to help beginners feel confident and learn how to get the best tones out of the drums. We explore and play with rhythms as we warm up utilizing strategies such as echo, call and response and fun rhythmic group activities. But, the best part is when we just JAM together and let it rip! Drumming is Fun! Come make some music with us!

Creative Yoga Dance Parties

This is a super fun and joyful dance party for everyone regardless of dance and yoga experience, age or fitness levels. We combine Creative Movement,Yoga Dance and a little yoga to warm up our bodies. In Creative Movement we freely explore movement themes, qualities and rhythms. Yoga Dance is a form wherein the sequence of music and movement is based on the energy systems of the body, called the chakras. Yoga Dance utilizes a bit of simple choreography, whereas in Creative Movement the dance is created in the present moment based on a theme, a quality or an idea. The melding of these two forms yield a joyful class that includes props, costumes, and musical instruments. It is a unique and joyful way to connect and play with friends old and new. This is a feel good dance party! Come play with us!

Kripalu Yoga Classes

This class is based on the Kripalu Yoga philosophy and techniques. Focus is on lubricating, lengthening and opening of joints, muscles and ligaments. Breathing techniques (pranyama) are taught as a tool for deepening your practice, calming the central nervous system, clearing, balancing and energizing our energy centers (chakras), and sending fresh healing oxygenated blood to internal organs. We encourage students to be fully present and mindful of everything that can be felt within. Mindfulness deepens the relationship with our body, mind, and spirit. Mindfulness strategies provide tools for dealing with the stress and anxieties of life. Kripalu Yoga is a somewhat freer form than other forms of yoga. Students are guided to explore poses to find the sweet spot that is best for each individual's needs. In a Kripalu Yoga class we move, we flow, we breath, and we feel. It is a true celebration of Life!

Chakra Playground

Chakra Playground is a Yoga Dance Class that dives deep into the exploration of our energy body, the Chakra System.


Chakras relate to areas of the physical body while also corresponding with the mental and emotional aspects of life. Movement, music, mindful yoga and breathing techniques are chosen for the purpose of activating, aligning, energizing, clearing and balancing each of the first seven chakras.

Chakra Playground can be healing, opening and strengthening for the body, mind and soul. We look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you.

Creative Movement

This class is based on the life-long work of Barbara Mettler, founder of the Creative Dance Center of Tucson. Barbara developed a kind of dancing which offers everyone opportunity to enjoy dance as a free creative movement expression. She believed that dancing is a basic human need and she spent her life searching for materials and methods which would make authentic dance experience available to all.

In a Creative Movement dance class we explore the endlessly interesting ways our bodies can move. We incorporate themes such as force, time, space, and the qualities of nature and the world around us.  We celebrate this authentic style of dance as individuals and together in pairs and groups.


The act of creating with movement is deeply enriching for the heart, mind and soul, as well as being very beneficial and healthy for the body. We energize, stretch, balance and strengthen the body while exploring our own unique natural way of moving and expressing our individuality. While the act of creating authentically in movement is amazing for the individual, when shared with others it is truly magical.

Drumming Circle Class
Creative Dance Class
Krpalu Yoga Class
Chakra Playground Class
Creative Movement Class
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