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Our Purpose, Passion and Practice

Offering joyful healing activities to teens and young adults in treatment for cancer at no cost is our sole mission. We support their bodies, minds and emotional well-being throughout treatment and enhance recovery. Teens will gather for fun, empowering activities that promote connection and friendships. Young cancer patients can feel better, stay strong and flexible, and find some joy in life without the worry of additional costs. 

Online classes for teens/young adults facing cancer include Creative Movement, Yoga and Drumming. These programs help boost the immune system and calm the nervous system while having fun connecting and sharing with other patients.

The Philosophy and Science Behind Our Programs

Medical and psychological research attest to the healthy physical and emotional endorphin-filled benefits of rhythmic movement, drumming and yoga. Teens and young adults need support systems uniquely designed for them. Witnessing and experiencing such personal outcomes, our team is donating time, expertise and resources so that young cancer patients can have healthier recoveries without additional costs.


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute "Studies have shown that exercise may help reduce the risk of recurrence in cancer patients. It has also been shown to help elevate mood, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, boost energy, and help reduce symptoms of treatment-related side effects, such as neuropathy." 


While calming the mind, therapeutic yoga opens and lubricates joints, stretches limbs, expands lung capacity, flushes toxins and sends fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body resulting in feelings of emotional well-being. Group or customized individual sessions address unique physical needs.


An empowering universal language, drumming has been shown to increase breath and blood flow assisting the release of toxins and the stimulation of organs and brain activity. Moving to the beat helps healing and connecting with other participants promotes well-being and empowerment.


Moving to music helps build cardiovascular and muscle strength, flexibility and balance, and fights the atrophy related to long hospital stays. The stress relief, laughter and reward of creating are treasured by participants.

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