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Journey of Healing and Courage


Kyra's Story


This was Kyra's second time fighting cancer.

We pulled out ALL the crazy props and we danced.


And we express, to let go, to empower!

We danced in the sun, the rain and snow.


We did a Fire Dance.


We will keep Dancing and Drumming...

with love and gratitude... forever.


And now Kyra plays her cello for others to help with their healing process.

In Kyra's Words

How do I even begin to tell you how much you've enriched my life? Your friendship, dancing, drumming... all are a crucial part of my well-being, physically and emotionally. You asked how dancing and Mt. Rhythms has helped me - oh, how immensely my body and spirit have thrived with the movement and fun. It feels so wonderful when we dance together - at times invigorating and enlivening, and other times peaceful and rejuvenating.


Moving my body to music creates a certain kind of joy for me, especially while sharing time with you. I love the safe space you create emotionally, and the beautiful physical space you provide and the connection that happens when I dance with you and others. I wind up feeling more connected with my body, and a deep sense of gratitude for this body of mine that has been through so much, that is so resilient and has healed through so much. I feel like I'm being kind and attentive to my body when I move it through dance, and it makes me appreciate my body even more as I feel the delight it brings me by moving. I feel energized and invigorated afterwards, and also more content and at peace with myself.


There have been several times when I was feeling unsettled or grumpy or irritable when I first showed up to dance, and it's remarkable how these feelings shift and change as I dance. I wind up feeling energized and delighted and so much happier than before. I love how dancing can do that. And I love how you support that process by encouraging and engaging as we dance.  

Also, dancing with you helps me process intense emotions and experiences, helps me feel more present with what's happening in my life and cancer treatment. Dancing with you has helped me open up my body and spirit to allow energy and experiences to move through me and shape me.

I loved having dancing with you to look forward to during the stressful time of getting radiation during covid, with an injured foot while recovering from chemo. It was the highlight of my week, something fun to look forward to, and I knew I'd feel better in my body afterwards. I love knowing I'm helping my lymphatic system and blood cells in the process of having so much fun. Thank you for inviting me to join you in your collaborative endeavors to help others with cancer.

I love you always! Kyra

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