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Gift of Props



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Box #1

When you register with Mountain Rhythms we send you a box of gifts. These gifts can be used as fun additions to our programs. The first gift box you will receive will be "a little bit of everything" including hand percussion instruments, fun stuff for moving with, a faux sheep skin rug and some yummy yoga props.

Box #2

If you love Mountain Rhythms programs and want to continue we will send you a box specific to your interests. If you really enjoy the Percussion Circles we will send you a Djembe drum. If you love yoga we will send you something you might need such a nice yoga mat. And if you have so much fun in our Just Move or Rock the Chair programs we could send you a belly dancing skirt and streamers. 

You get to choose!

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Yoga Props

Hand Percussion

Crazy Fun Dance Props


Belly Dancing Skirts,

Hand Percussion Instruments,  

Scarves, Bell Bracelets, Streamers

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Frame Drums

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Djembe Drums

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