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Restorative, Supportive, Joyful

Yoga for Every Body


A Partnership of Love

Tune in and honor what your body needs and is calling for.

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Yummy Yoga helps

ease pain, increase range of motion, release tight joints, get stronger, gain balance, feel calmer and sleep better.

No experience needed.

The Recipe

With a little help of some inspiring music...

we begin with flowing movement to warm, loosen and open everything. We add gentle stretching to lengthen and open ligaments and joints. We build strength for bones and muscles. We activate and balance our internal energy. 

We close with practices that calm the mind and the nervous system.

We love props!

Sign up today to get your own supportive and comforting yoga props. 

Saturdays ~ starting in January ~ 30 minutes

4 pm eastern, 3 pm central, 2 pm mountain, 1 pm pacific



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