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Roundup River Ranch

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Shaw Cancer Center

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"Cathy, thank you for the drum circle experience! I loved the chance to jam with 15 friends, without having any musical instrument expertise. I felt a freedom of expression and a closeness with my fellow jammers. What a fun and uplifting evening! Thank you so much!" 

 “Not only was drumming surprisingly fun, it also felt like a great group teamwork effort that left me with a peaceful feeling in my mind.” From Rita T.


"I appreciate the chance to center, calm down, breathe, relax and stretch on a busy activity filled day. Partner yoga with a stranger put me outside my comfort zone at first but then I enjoyed it." Dani

"I liked the music because it was relaxing. I loved it all." Zoe 

"She went slow so a beginner could do what she asked of us to do. She was very positive. Have her every time! super Great!"

"It was relaxing and not too strenuous. You didn't make me feel like I was doing it wrong. It was great." Tom

"It was a different program. Very Creative. It was too short. I enjoyed all the music." Cami

"I loved everything especially the partner exercises." Beth

"Great first and relaxing. Also new opportunity for something to experience as a family." Jenn

Creative Movement

"There have been several times when I was feeling unsettled, grumpy or irritable when I first showed up to dance. It's remarkable how these feelings shift and change as I dance. I wind up feeling energized and so much happier than before. I love how dancing can do that. And I love how you support that process by encouraging and engaging as we dance. 

Also, dancing with you helps me process intense emotions and experiences. It helps me feel more present with what's happening in my life, cancer treatment. Dancing with you has helped me open up my body and spirit to allow energy and experiences to move through me." Kyra

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