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Add a little sparkle to your life!

What is Fairy Hair?

Fairy hair is glittering silk thread tied to your own natural strands of hair. Using the finest silk thread available, I tie tiny knots to 1-3 strands of hair.


How to care for Fairy Hair?

Style your hair as you normally would. You can wash, color, cut, curl, blow dry and even flat iron. There is no effect to your Fairy Hair.

To help Fairy Hair last, I recommend wide tooth combs and brushes and to be a little extra careful when combing out wet hair.

fairy hair 2.jpg

How long will it last?

Fairy hair strands can stay in your hair for one month, one week, one day or up to one year. Everyone normally sheds approximately 50 -100 strands per day. Fairy Hair threads will come out when the hair it is tied to naturally falls out.


How much does it cost?

$3.00 ~ per double strand

+ Suggested Donation to Mountain Rhythms ~ for Colorado Teen Cancer Programs

 *Unless your hair is very long we can fold each strand of Fairy Hair in half giving you a double strand and twice the sparkle for the price of one!

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