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Rock It 2 Healing Videos

Music, Movement and Mindfulness

Hello everyone! Cathy here. It is pretty humbling to put these videos out!

It's been hard to get good video. We are working on that!

Meanwhile, I hope this gives you a feel for Mountain Rhythms and these super fun

Music, Movement and Mindfulness practices that are

so Health Promoting and Life Affirming.

We look forward to moving with you! Thanks for checking us out.

PS... Hope you don't mind the blip with our doodle Niya. We are in training!

Just Move Sampler

Community Event

Introductions and explanations of our programs.

Just Move Introduction

Yummy Yoga Introduction

Yoga Dance Introduction

Drum Circles Introduction


Drumming with Kathryn

Taking Care of You

Benefits, Vagus Nerve and a Practice for Throat

Yoga to Compassion,  by Maneesh de Moor

Fun with Boom Wackers

Seed Sounds with Angel (Sana)

"Heads Up" Instruction Videos

The following videos were created in the past to support participants who enjoyed knowing the steps that I included in classes ahead of time. It's very fun to move together. But for the people that would prefer to be creative, I did not want to take class time for instruction. Links to these videos were sent to participants prior to the class. Whether or not we do this in the future depends on what most serves the group.

Snap Clapple Stomp

Modified Maracren

1,2,3 Step 

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