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Creative Movement

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Service Description

The teen years are a very unique time in our lives. Creative Movement for Teens is a class that honors the challenges and experiences that teens are going through. Creative Movement for Teens provides a safe and supportive environment for individual expression and creativity in movement and sound. This class offers a fusion of Creative Movement, Kripalu Yoga, and Yoga Dance. This class encourages positive self-image, self-awareness, empowerment, freedom, graceful expression, and joyful connections with others. Teens are free to have fun and to express their whole unique beautiful selves. African drums, percussion instruments and lots of fun and inspiring props are included. Kripalu Yoga - Through a gentle approach, balance, strength, flexibility and proper alignment techniques are taught. Kripalu Yoga emphasizes breath work, mindfulness and a deep awareness of the individual body’s own language. Thus, while postures and alignment techniques are taught, exploration and movement are encouraged. We are our own best teachers when we learn to listen to our bodies. Yoga Dance - Yoga dance is about moving freely together to fun and inspiring music from all over the world. Students are gently introduced to the energy centers of the body called Chakras. Students are taught techniques to help balance these as they relate to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of life. Balancing our chakras lead to a sense of peace, empowerment, and well-being. The class sequence and music is based on the chakra system. Creative Movement - Dance themes are based on age-appropriate content and music that promote joyful connection within ourselves as well as with others. We play with the elements of force, time, and space. Through the development of a safe, and supportive community we learn to relate our movement with that of others while creating authentic and creative collaborative dances.

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