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Hand Embroidered Flowers

By Mountain Rhythms a Non-Profit dedicated to Teen Cancer  

100% of proceeds go directly to Programs for Teens fighting cancer.


Small flowers give Jazz and Sparkle to our Beloved Puppy Dogs!!!

They are also super sweet on a ski helmet.


-Small flowers include two layers of embroidered flowers sewn
together. A button or gem is attached to the center with long lasting
and weather resistant silicone gel.

-Small flowers measure approximately 3”x 3” and weigh .5 oz.

-Flowers have a strip of Velcro sewn onto the back. The Velcro wraps

securely around a helmet strap or dog collar.


These flowers are light but strong and will hold up and hold on in the

harshest of mountain conditions.

We guarantee these festive flowers for one full year of mountain fun!

Small Lavender Flowers

  • Flowers and bow ties are embroidered using pre-washed cotton, satin and velvets. There is an inner fabric layer that when steamed wrinkles up giving a wonderful textured appearance.

    Layers are hand sewn together. Decorative sparkles and buttons are attached using non-toxic weather proof silicone gel. Velcro is sewn onto the back which is adjustable and attaches easily and securely to a goggle strap or a dog collar.

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