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"Fun and super healthy for you."

Yoga, Drum Circles and Creative Movement

NO experience necessary 


This is a chance to play, create, and have fun moving and making music.

Come as you are and give your whole body some TLC.

WHY? "You and your body deserve it!"

You will have more energy

and feel better!!!

And when you sign up we we send you awesome props for for free!

HOW? "It's natural. Your body was made to move!"

Even the basic motion of breathing is an essential part of the immune system, your body's natural fighter. When your lungs expand, toxins are pumped out of your body through the lymphatic system. When your body moves, you build strength to fight cancer.

Where? "Wherever you are."

Live through zoom.

In honor of your amazing body,

join us in the way that feels best for you today,

on a mat, on a couch or in a chair. We can move anywhere!

When? "Coming this fall!"

Saturdays and Sundays

Private sessions upon request.

Recorded sessions for whenever it works for you!

Sign up, let's get moving and

Rock It 2 Healing!

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