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Creative Movement

Creative Movement for children is a place where kids can be kids and let imagination be their guide. Through movement we enter the magical world of nature. We explore the movement of creatures on the earth, in the air, and undersea. We move in pods as whales and play with echo location. We soar through the air and travel in flocks. We become super heroes and heroins. We skip, we gallop, we roar. We move like clouds, robots and fantastical insects. We encourage our most creative selves to come out with the help of fun props, costumes, and musical instruments.

In addition to this exciting imaginative movement, children learn mindful tools to deepen their inner awareness and concentration. Simple and fun breathing techniques are interwoven for calming the central nervous system, growing the sense of peace and easing anxiety. Children also learn safe and healthy strategies for stretching and strengthening their bodies.

In Creative Movement classes self-expression is celebrated. Children will also enjoy the experience of creating dance together in pairs and groups. Children learn to support one another and be supported, give and receive, trust and be trusted. Creative Movement as a group expression is a uniquely special experience.

Yoga for Children

Yoga for Children combines playful yoga postures, movement and mindfulness. Special breathing techniques for children are taught to help children feel calm, manage anxiety, have more energy and to help grow their ability to concentrate. Children are guided to sense everything happening in their bodies and to become aware of their thoughts and feelings.  We stretch, strengthen and expand as we explore fun yoga postures. We breath like bears, stand like super heros, roar like lions, wiggle like bugs, grow roots and reach for the stars.

In Yoga for Children we include a bit of partner yoga wherein children explore partner poses together. In partner yoga children get to know, support and learn from one another. This is a fun and creative yoga class for children of all ages.

Drumming Circles for Kids

Drumming Circles for Kids is a fun and healthy activity for self expression and getting the wiggles and jiggles out. Drums and hand percussion instruments from all over the world are provided. Children and drums are a natural fit. No experience needed.


We begin by a little breath work to center, focus and calm ourselves. We stretch and awaken our bodies to warm up. We learn techniques for getting the best sound from our drums. We explore force, time, and space. We then begin to play with simple rhythms using echo, call response, wave and rhythm games. 


We make music together using Native American, African, and Cuban drums. We also make music using our bodies, shakers, boom wackers, rain sticks, seed pods, tambourines and bells. Making music together in a drum circle is a natural, joyful and empowering experience for all!

Birthdays and Special Celebrations

Dear Parents and Children, 

We love to help you celebrate special occasions with joyful movement, games and music. We offer Creative Movement, Dance, Movement and Rhythmic Games, Yoga and Drumming. We can mix and match these activities in the way that best fits the interests and age group. We will bring costumes, props, instruments and our most festive selves. If you have a special theme we can include activities and bring props that align with your theme. We love to celebrate with you! Please call anytime for a quote and to discuss your special event.

Creative Movement for Children
Yoga for Children
Drum Circles for Kids
Birthday Parties for Children
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