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Chakra Dance Playground

“When our chakras are in balance, all feels well in our world.”

  • 1 hour
  • Donations Welcome

Service Description

This class dives deeply into the energy centers of the body called ‘chakras’. The chakras relate to all aspects of our lives: mental, physical and emotional. Chakras are the basis of many eastern healing techniques. Physical injuries, stress and emotional experiences can throw our chakras out of alignment, thus blocking the flow of energy throughout our body. Chakras can become imbalanced and hold too much or too little energy. The immune system, the physical body, and our mental/emotional state can be affected. In this class, we focus on the growing awareness of the energetic state of each chakra. Using techniques such as earthing, toning, visualization, creative movement, and yoga, we activate, align, balance and energize our chakras. Chakra Dance Playground helps restore that lovely feeling when our chakras are humming in harmony.

Contact Details

  • 2537091252

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