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Handmade Bow Ties

By Mountain Rhythms a Non-Profit dedicated to Teen Cancer

100% of proceeds go to Programs for Teens fighting cancer.


Sometimes a puppy just needs a little JazzZ!


-Bow Ties include two layers of embroidered bows sewn together. A
button or gem is attached to the center with long lasting and weather

resistant silicone gel.


-Small bow ties measure approximately 3.25”x 3.25” and weigh .5 oz.
-Large bow ties measure approximately “4.5 x 4.5” and weigh .5 oz/
-Bow Ties have a strip of Velcro sewn onto the back. The Velcro wraps

securely around a dog collar.

Small Bow Ties

  • Flowers and bow ties are embroidered using pre-washed cotton, satin
    and velvets. There is an inner fabric layer that when steamed wrinkles
    up giving a wonderful textured appearance.

    Layers are hand sewn together. Decorative sparkles and buttons are attached using non-toxic weather proof silicone gel. Velcro is sewn onto the back which is adjustable and attaches easily and securely to a goggle strap or a dog collar.

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