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Mountain Rhythms is Born

In 2017, I learned of the work Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of the 70s classic rock band The Who were doing to support programs for teens dealing with cancer. These two were the driving force behind the creation of Teen Cancer America. Their mission is to develop teen appropriate areas within hospitals where teens can talk, listen to their music and be able to give and receive much needed support to one another. The feeling of being alone and bored is a common experience for teens in this situation. This idea seems so obvious as a positive approach to healing but is very often not the reality. Pete, Roger, and TCA's work struck a deep chord with me. Being a teenager is hard enough without adding the challenges of dealing with this horrible life threatening disease. I had to find a way to try to help.


Months of searching gave rise to an idea. Creative Movement, Yoga Dance, Yoga, and Drumming have brought such great joy, health and well-being to my life. I embarked upon a mission to share these passions with Teens and Young Adults facing cancer. Thus, Mountain Rhythms was born. 


We at Mountain Rhythms are committed to offering programs that support teens dealing with physical and mental health issues. Drumming, creative movement and mindfulness are therapeutic in that they provide tools for teens to help calm and empower themselves. These joyful activities also greatly aid in building community and relationships with one another through healthy and fun shared experiences.

I am so grateful for the friends and family who have stepped forward to help develop and grow these programs.

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