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Sengoku Hime 2 English Patch Hon Latest




Posted by Михаил Добрыник. Get this game you need it. If you have any problems please email me There is a downloading problem of this game here. The english patch is aviable here. You can install with YAT. Sengoku Hime 2 Download Download Sengoku Hime 2 is the sequel to Sengoku BASARA, a game that has created a sensation in the Far East with its 3D turn-based tactical battles, living characters and fascinating stories. The young hero, Yagyu, struggles to avenge his mother's death. After several battles with the monster and the evil priest Ueyasu, he confronts the antagonist and the army of the enemy... From the outset of the battle, the player will follow the adventures of Yagyu and his servants. Three characters and six stages, several secret areas and characters, NPCs, all with three different attitudes - it's the best of the Far East with the best of the Capcom! The game is developed by Capcom. The official release date is: 06/21/2008 (JST). The game was developed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sengoku Hime 2 Download Download the latest version of the best free games at Features: 3D turn-based tactical battles, living characters and a fascinating story. Characters: Yagyu's servants: Miyaguchiyo - female sword master: Hideko Miyaguchiyo - female monk: Tsubagami Toyama - female samurai: Sarutobi Hidemasa - male samurai: Yakushiji Hidetora - male priest: Ueyasu Yagyu - hero: Ryukenji Oshino - female ninja: Minowada Hideko - female ninja: Onshi Kudan - female ninja: Kanna Oboro - female ninja: Kengo Matsudaira - female samurai: Onokoshi Takezaki - female ninja: Gyokuran Yoshiaki - female samurai: Misawa Masakage - male



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Sengoku Hime 2 English Patch Hon Latest

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